About Me

I am not skinny, beautiful, rich, or famous, so you’ve already guessed I’m a regular person sitting at her computer and writing her own bio, which is all kinds of embarrassing. Wouldn’t it be nice to have another layer, a savvy assistant or publicist who could make me sound cool in a clever, third party kind of way. Instead you just get me, the girl from Rexburg, Idaho, which was a marvelous place to grow up, by the way. I have since traveled a fair chunk of the world, and have settled on a hillside in Utah where the snow is a little deep for my liking, and the deer are eating my roses, but my neighbors are lovely. I have three beautiful children who keep me laughing, and speak in rapid fire Chinese when they want to talk in front of me, which is a little unfair considering I was the one who taught them to say “banana.” I’m sure more details will crumble out as I write my blog, so it will suffice to say I have zero sense of direction, but love to travel, and I’m kind of socially awkward, but enjoy meeting new people. It might not be quite enough for you to recognize me on the street, but it will do for now.

Find me at paula@paulahiatt.com